Cocktail Party Menu


Bouchée de banane* 

Bites of seasoned baked sweet plantain filled with vegetables 


Ground roots and Creole spices blend dipped fried. Served with a Creole dip 

Lambi Creole 

Conch salad with sweet peppers, onions and potato cubes 

Petite Fritaille 

Assortment of chicken, pork and beef marinated overnight in Creole spices served with Pikliz** 


Delices Creoles Pain Mais* 

Our signature Corn Bread topped with Pineapple and Cherry and served with warm rum sauce  


Soup Joumou*

National pumpkin soup 

Haitian patties

Baked empanadas with choices of Beef, Chicken, Fish or Veggies 

Seasoned Boiled eggs

Served with our homemade spicy sauce

Haitian Corn meal*

Served plain or with spinach

Salt fish or Mixed vegetables

Served over green banana and sweet potato

Chiquetaille Sliders

Mini herring salad sandwiches

Fruit Platter

An assortment of tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and watermelon


**Pikliz is a traditional mixed of vegetables pickled in vinegar served with homemade hot sauce (optional). This is also an additional option for vegan attendees.